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4 Reasons Why Blackout Blinds Are Essential in Your Nursery

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Darkness is comforting for a baby as its reminds them of the calm safety of your womb .

Babies need their sleep and so do you.

So find out why investing in blackout blinds for your babys nursery or childs bedroom can benefit the whole family.

Reason #1 - Improve Sleep Quality & Signal Nap Time

It is much more challenging for a baby to fall asleep easily and stay asleep in a room with too much light.

We are programmed to sleep best in a dark quiet room. This is because light suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy,

which means that we can fall asleep more easily in a darker room than when there is light beaming in.

And babies are no different.

Newborn babies require 14-17 hrs of sleep per day, and toddlers should be getting 11 -14 hrs, so it becomes especially crucial to have blackout blinds in their rooms because babies have daytime sleep requirements that adults dont have.

By installing a blackout blind you can reduce the amount of strong sunlight coming into the room.

By dropping the blinds you are gently signalling to your little one that it's nap time.

Reason #2 - Noise Proof

Blackout blinds can also reduce the amount of noise that enters the room throught he window, and any noise that still comes through is muffled and considerably quiter.

Whilst it's not fully soundproof, if you live on a busy road, or you can hear your neighbours mowing the lawn, you can help block them out and be left to enjoy your peaceful sleep.

Reason #3 - Reduce Energy Bills

Blackout lining is thicker than ordinary lining and this can help insulate your room by blocking draughts, containing the heat during the winter months.

Similarly, they can help cool a room down when the sun is at its hottest by blocking it out and maintaining a nice and cool environment.

So, overall, your blackout blind can help your nursery stay at an ideal temperature all year round, keeping your baby comfortable and relaxed.

Reason #4 - Increase Privacy

You'll also benefit from additional privacy, as our blackout lining prevents shadows and outlines from being seen from outside.

This can be especially reassuring when you are awake during the night time feeds.

So whether you wish that your little night owl would nap better, you live on a busy and well-lit street, or the joy of being woken at the crack of dawn has faded, our range of made to measure blackout blinds are the perfect solution.


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